Community of Practice


Video interviews and editing by Cleavon Smith, 3CSN Network Coordinator


To support faculty to teach new accelerated courses, we offer an extended professional development program called the Community of Practice in Acceleration. Faculty who are piloting new accelerated courses come together for three in-person workshops and receive ongoing support from Coaches Katie Hern and Myra Snell. 30 colleges are now participating in the Community of Practice, 6 of them offering accelerated courses in both English and math.


Spotlight: A Glimpse into the Community of Practice in Acceleration

Article by Hannah Douglas

January 27-28, 2012, Universal City, CA — Math and English instructors sit in groups around the room, a big sheet of poster paper and markers on the table in front of them. Each group is discussing a case study of a challenging classroom situation from the previous semester – a student who withdrew, or had difficulty with particular course concepts, someone the teacher didn’t quite reach. What did they think was going on for this student? And what could an instructor do to help this student stay engaged and learn? (Read more…)


Why Teachers Need the Support of a Community of Practice


Yuba College English Instructor Shawn Frederking discusses the vulnerability involved in teaching a new accelerated class.



Diablo Valley College Math Instructor Jenny Freidenreich discusses how it feels to be completely redesigning the curriculum for developmental mathematics and why she’s glad to be working with Coach Myra Snell.


Faculty reflect on their experience in the Community of Practice

Video by Hannah Douglas